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A reminder about 36th District Court Amnesty

Amnesty on traffic tickets is now in effect down at 36th District Court (and will be until approximately May 1st), and apparently everyone with outstanding court cases is falling over themselves to get down there and get there licenses back.  While this is something that should be applauded, people should also be aware of the fact that this (like all deals in life) is not as good a deal as it appears.  Essentially the deal that 36th District Court is offering is this: if you come in and take care of all your tickets, you can have your late fees and warrant fees waived.  Now, if you have a significant amount of tickets, this number can get quite high: each warrant fee is $60, and once you add 3 or 4 of those tickets together, those can get pretty high.  But consider for a moment what your alternative is: if you assume the you have the same amount of tickets (3 or 4), just one of those in fees (the part that the court will NOT be getting rid of) will usually be more than all of the warrant fee you just saved combined.  Hiring an attorney will likely help you get rid of almost half of your tickets completely, which is worth much more than your warrants and late fees.  Not to mention the fact that you still can take advantage of amnesty if you hire a lawyer.  If you are going to take care of just a few tickets, by all means take advantage of this offer: but if you want to really save money, give Malefyt Law a call so you know you how to keep your costs down.