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Attorney Profile

I’ve defended the rights of individuals throughout Wayne county, Oakland county and Macomb county. I’m committed to resolve your legal issues with compassion. I’ve represented professionals, students and other persons charged with traffic offenses and individuals involved in accidents.

Whether you are issued a traffic ticket for speeding, running a red light or a stop sign, reckless driving or any other violation, Malefyt Law will come to your rescue. You can count on my expertise in Detroit speeding tickets.

Malefyt Law: a focus on Traffic Tickets 

I have extensive experience with several years of local court appearances where traffic matters come for hearing and disposal. I specialize in Detroit speeding tickets and Michigan DUI law have established good relationships and earned recognition at the local District Courts. Because of my experience with these matters, I’m able to scrutinize all facts and look for all circumstances that can help you avoid penalties.

Responsive services

When you come to the firm to seek legal counsel, you’ll be received by an attorney who knows how to defend your case. At Malefyt Law, a compassionate lawyer lends an attentive ear and understands your legal problems. I’ll  examine all details in your case, and educate you about your rights and legal options.

 My goal is always to go all out to restore your driving privileges and ensure that your case moves towards a successful outcome.

What Malefyt Law can do for you

If a police officer stops you for violating traffic rules and issues a traffic ticket, you need the assistance of an experienced and qualified lawyer to defend your rights. A traffic attorney who specializes in only traffic and speeding tickets negotiates and bring down various charges, reduce fines that you would otherwise be paying and reduce the points assessed to no-point or lesser-point violations.

The possibility of losing your license, facing a jail term or attending special programs can be a devastating experience. Malefyt Law makes a big difference to ensure positive outcomes in these situations and help reduce impact on insurance rates.