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Planning ahead: why “I just want to get this over with” is the worst mistake you can make

As an attorney who practices almost exclusively on misdemeanors and traffic tickets, by far the most common mistake I see people who come into court make is a desperate need to “just get it over with”. It is the most common phrase people use, and it is understandable: court can be unfamiliar and stressful, and certainly for most people 36th District Court is both these things....
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Wayne County Prosecutors showing up at random

Approximately three months into a stalemate between the Wayne County Executive and the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office, there is a routine that has fallen into place in regards to the presence of state prosecutors: pure randomness. Prosecutors are or are not being sent over to the court completely without notice or pattern: the individual courtrooms are unaware of whether or not someone is...
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Budget Cutbacks and how they affect you

Over the last month or so, the city of Detroit and Wayne County have started a few fights over budget constraints, and one of the groups that was caught in the crossfire was the courts. 36th District Court depends on State Prosecutors (provided by the Wayne County Prosecutor’s office) for a large portion of their tickets, and without those prosecutors they can’t proceed on any tickets...
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