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Changes Continue at 36th District Court

 Issues continue to mount at 36th District Court due to the changes imposed by the takeover in late May.  Things change on an almost weekly basis, and it can be difficult to keep track of exactly what has been happening.  We had an opportunity to weigh in with the Michigan Lawyer’s Weekly on the changes, which you can read here.  For the most part, some of the changes will affect you in a positive manner, some will affect you in a negative manner.  In the positive, no matter how many warrants that you have at the moment, you will only pay a flat fee of $100 total in order to get your court date, as opposed to paying a bond on every individual ticket.  Furthermore, your tickets are now going to be scheduled approximately 1 week after your bond has been paid.  In the negative side, costs have gone up across the board: expect to pay something in realm of $300 per ticket, and expect that the court will want you to pay at least some of that the day that you are sentenced (for many courtrooms, that expectation will be full payment that day).
     The court is also attempting to place all civil infractions and misdemeanors that happened on the same day together so that you can take care of them on the same day, however that has not made it to all courtrooms yet and it likely will be a few weeks before that happens.  Try to be aware of the changes that are occurring at 36th District Court so that you will be better informed when it comes time to take care of your case.