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Getting your license back just got a little easier


 Every day that I have worked at 36th District Court over the past few years, I have come across one if not several people who show up to court wanting to “take care of” whatever tickets they have.  They would come to the payment window, and they would expect that they could simply walk into a courtroom and get it done that moment.  When they were told that that was not the way that the system worked, these people usually left angry and frustrated (rightly or wrongly).
36th District Court has decided to take advantage of this market, and now driver’s license restoration is finally something that the court is taking real steps to address.  Over the past month, a new “walk in” docket has been established in courtroom 166 (the program is court-wide, but the majority of individuals who show up will end up in 166), run by Judge McConico.  Judge McConico has been able to accommodate as many as 30 people a day (sometimes more) in getting their tickets cleaned up; provided that they can meet his standards.  First, they need to be able to take care of payment that day, and second, they need to be able to plead guilty to something.  This has so far seemed to be very effective, and it should be a very tempting offer for those individuals that don’t want to find themselves locked up very soon as the court starts ramping up its payment policy.
If you have limited time and the money to pay for your tickets, the new walk in docket is something to look into.