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When you are stopped by the police for violating any traffic rules, chances are you will be issued some sort of traffic ticket. In such a situation, you can admit responsibility or seek the counsel of a traffic lawyer Michigan who specializes in speeding tickets to defend your rights. Taking care of it yourself (or worse, ignoring the traffic ticket) can be much worse than you imagine.

Why I should act fast?

There are hidden penalties that come with the traffic tickets. Your insurance rate shoots up and you might end up paying extra premiums for longer periods. If you decide to “just pay” the ticket, you might even be pushed to a state where your license gets suspended when points get added to your driving record.

At Malefyt Law,  I specialize in Detroit traffic tickets. Dealing with cases ranging from drunk driving and speeding to leaving the scene of an accident, I’m experienced in making sure your rights and interests are fully protected.

Should I fight these tickets?

The best ticket you have is the one that doesn’t appear on your record at all.  When you are dealing with an attorney who specializes in only traffic and speeding tickets, you can be sure that you will have the strong representation needed to make sure that the traffic ticket doesn’t produce a negative impact on your driving record.  You should also take into account the fact that having an attorney often means that you never need to appear in court.

How can having you as a lawyer make a big difference?

Because I specialize not only in this field, but also on this court, I’m well versed in producing results even when individuals are involved in questionable traffic ticket violations.

Our fees are always set to help save you money in the long run: value is one of our most important goals. You can get rid of those insurance premiums that you might have to pay for longer periods otherwise. You can cut down the points as well as the severity of the ticket.