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I’m worried about drivers responsibility fees, is that something that you can take care of?

Yes and no.  Driver’s Responsibility Fees are a function of the Michigan Secretary of State, and therefore are outside the jurisdiction of the court to enforce or not enforce.  However, it is possible that charges can be lowered to a point that there will be no Driver’s Responsibility Fees, which will usually save you more than the cost of the ticket in the first place. I make taking care of Driver’s Responsibility Fees a priority, and I have a great deal of experience in making sure that your exposure is non-existent to minimal.

I need to be at work quickly and I don’t have time to go to court, but I’m not guilty/responsible for  what I’m charged with.  What can I do?

More than most people, it is essential that you retain counsel.  First, your time is valuable, and what you need to have done is something that requires someone who can advocate for you well before you show up for court.  It is almost impossible for a person working alone to leave 36th District Court in less than 2 hours, and even harder to leave in less than two hours with a result that you would find satisfactory.  If it is a civil infraction (like speeding), an attorney  (and only an attorney) can “stand in” for you and you never even need to set foot in the courthouse.  If it’s a misdemeanor, an attorney can meet with the prosecutors well beforehand and get deals and agreements in place to minimize your time and maximize your opportunity to get the case dismissed.

What difference can having a retained lawyer make?

36 District Court is a very busy place, and though you take your ticket very personally, you are just one of more than a 40 or more people in a given courtroom and you will likely be treated as such.  Retained lawyers have their cases heard first, are more familiar with your case so they can better explain the situation to a prosecutor, and allow you the ability to be more flexible with the timing of your case.

I just want to get this over with. What is the fastest way that I can do that?

This is almost always a very poor decision.  Moving quickly guarantees that you will have to plead to something, which in the long run means that you will have to pay significantly more than you would have to.  Furthermore, if you do not retain counsel, it is almost impossible to have your ticket taken care of at your first court date without having to plead “straight up” on the charges.

How can I figure out how many points I will receive on my license based on what I’ve been charged with?

First, check out our helpful guide connected to the Secretary of States website.  As a general rule, it should always be your primary goal to have no contact whatsoever with the secretary of state: you avoid Driver’s Responsibility fees, which start at around $400 and go upwards from there, and it has an adverse affect on your insurance premiums.  Most tickets  can be knocked down to eliminate or minimize your amount of drivers responsibility fee, but it can vary from case to case.

What are Driver’s Responsibility Fees?

Driver’s Responsibility fees are additional fees that the Secretary of State requires you to pay in addition to the fees that you have to pay to the court, provided that you are found guilty or responsible.  Driver’s Responsibility fees cannot be waived, and generally cost twice as much as the fees that you will have to pay to the court.  Please refer to the Secretary of State website listed above for a list of Drivers Responsibility Fees.