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Speed Kills: Part II. This time it’s personal.


The continent of Australia has been kind enough to give us a test example to counteract the tests that are being preformed in Montana as to whether or not driving at a faster rate of speed will, in fact, put the driver and others at greater risk.  Where Montana has taken the time to actually read the science on the subject and reach logical conclusions, Australia, in it’s wisdom, has decided that speed definitively kills, and zero tolerance is going to be the law of the land.  Speed Cameras, the type of which hand out traffic tickets to individuals for going as little as 3 miles per hour over the speed limit, are so prevalent that “by some estimates, there are as many as 3 per man, woman, and child”.  Shockingly, it appears that the roads have actually become much worse due to this, if we are to draw a correlation between the amount of tickets written before and after the cameras were put in place.  The Australian government raised over a quarter of a billion dollars in fines from this system, while thousands of individuals had their license revoked or limited directly due to the new process.
The worst part of this is, of course, that you can’t prove the intangibles here: according to the article, this system has proven to be so punitive, traffic in cities has crawled to a virtual standstill, purely due to the fact that no one wants to receive any more “demerits” than they already have.  There is no data as to whether or not deaths (or even injuries) have gone up or down since the cameras were added, and even if they had gone down, we all know that correlation is not causation.  The problem with situation is the problem with most traffic laws: they are created with a very legitimate purpose in mind,  and eventually are used in a twisted grab for money by local authorities because we can’t enforce the spirit of the law, that is up to the watchmen.  All we know is that Australia is lining its pockets, and they are likely to keep doing it for as long as they can.